Weekly News Recap – 6/3/23
Derrick Lewis Student Loan Debt

NPR: What the Supreme Court's rejection of student loan relief means for borrowers
"I see it as an unfortunate reality that in a country where we bail out Fortune 100 companies, where we bail out banks that have not been good actors, that this Supreme Court would allow that to happen, and yet," says Derrick Johnson, the NAACP's president and CEO, the court would choose to leave millions of borrowers "stuck in a vicious cycle of debt." In the lead-up to the court's decision, Johnson sent a letter to Biden, advising him, in the case of an unfavorable ruling, to "pursue all legal pathways" to erase student loan debts.

The Hill: Black leaders condemn Supreme Court's student loan decision, vow to fight back
"The Supreme Court's decision to strike down the President's student debt program is a clear disregard for what millions of Americans need — especially Black Americans," said Johnson.

AP: Affirmative action for white people? Legacy college admissions come under renewed scrutiny
"My parents couldn't legally go to LSU. Discrimination is a lot more recent in our history than a lot of people seem to understand," said Toldson, a Howard University professor and the director of education, innovation and research for the NAACP. Toldson said there's growing awareness of the irony that preferences for athletes and legacy students are still allowed, while race must be ignored.

NBC News: Key civil rights groups blast Supreme Court for sharply curtailing affirmative action
"Today the Supreme Court has bowed to the personally held beliefs of an extremist minority," NAACP President and Chief Executive Derrick Johnson said in a statement. "We will not allow hate-inspired people in power to turn back the clock and undermine our hard-won victories. The tricks of America's dark past will not be tolerated."

CBS News: NAACP president opposes affirmative action ruling, says Clarence Thomas benefited from policy
NAACP President Derrick Johnson lambasted the Supreme Court decision to end the use of affirmative action in college admissions Thursday morning, saying the court had "failed America." Johnson also spoke about the student loan forgiveness case before the court.

Bloomberg: Biden Can Cancel Student Debt Even If Supreme Court Blocks Order, Advocates Say
The NAACP and allied groups have made preparations for a rally within two hours of a negative decision. "It's up to President Biden to live up to the promises he made to America, particularly to Black Americans," said Wisdom Cole, director of the NAACP's youth and college division. "Failure isn't an option."

Boston Globe: Three years later, NAACP convention is coming to Boston
But on Tuesday morning, Mayor Michelle Wu joined elected officials and local and national NAACP officers to celebrate the approach of the 114th annual convention, here in Boston for the first time in four decades. They shared details on the event that is scheduled from Wednesday, July 26 to Tuesday, Aug. 1 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the Seaport.

Boston Business Journal: The NAACP convention is back, bringing economic opportunity and a chance to boost Boston's image
Boston is gearing up to host the NAACP's national convention, an opportunity that local organizers say sets the stage for Boston to change its reputation in the national eye and could provide a economic boost to the city.

Axios: What to expect at the NAACP Convention in Boston
When the NAACP National Convention comes to Boston in July, local officials expect thousands of attendees and an estimated $10 million boost to the local economy.

City of Detroit: City of Detroit and Detroit NAACP unveiled new statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Hart Plaza
Mayor Duggan joined city officials, Detroit Branch NAACP President Reverend Wendell Anthony and faith leaders to unveil a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Hart Plaza today, exactly 60 years after he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech in Detroit two months before delivering it in Washington, D.C. at the iconic March on Washington on the National Mall.

Detroit News: NAACP dinner tackles U.S. voting rights, 'our destiny within it'
Voting rights, closing the racial wealth gap and justice were key issues Sunday at the Detroit Branch NAACP's 68th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. The dinner, one of the premier NAACP events, drew thousands of people, and was the finale of the branch's "June Jubilee — A Celebration of Freedom," a four-day event marking 60 years since Martin Luther King Jr. marched in Detroit on June 23, 1963. King delivered the first version of his famed "I Have a Dream" speech at the then-Cobo Hall.

NAACP: Hey, Black America
We know you're feeling the weight of the Supreme Court decisions, but make no mistake: this is not a time for us to withdraw. It is a call to action.



NAACP Thriving Together

One of our biggest events of the year, the 114th NAACP National Convention, is taking place later this month. Will we see you there?

Registration is open NOW so RSVP today and meet us at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from July 28 - August 1.

Each year, the NAACP National Convention is an empowering and immersive experience that celebrates our community's collective power. It brings together innovative change-makers, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, entertainers, influencers, and creatives for an opportunity to network and exchange ideas. The ideas that are born from Convention are then translated into impactful action our community can take throughout the year.


NAACP Affirm Action for Diversity

Historically, we have not been able to rely on colleges, universities, and employers to enact admissions and hiring practices that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to strike down affirmative action now is a symptom of the personally held beliefs of the members of our highest court, not an indication that these policies are no longer necessary. Quality, accessible education should not be manipulated or weaponized to further racist agendas.

Our future depends on Black children having access to high-quality education, and for our community to have access to sound hiring opportunities. America can only thrive when Black America thrives, period.

Sign our petition calling on colleges, universities, and corporations across the country to commit to diversity, no matter what.


NAACP Student Debt

On Friday, June 30, the Supreme Court decided to strike down President Biden's plan to provide millions of Americans with much-needed student loan debt relief.

Luckily, the president has several tools in his toolbox to deliver on debt relief. Inaction is not an option.

You voted and rallied — and it's because of allies like you that we've seen steps toward student debt relief. Let's keep going. Urge Biden to use his authority.

Visit NAACP.ORG to learn how you can get involved.


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