Daily News Recap 8/1/23

Boston Globe: At the NAACP Convention, a day of policy discussions and recognizing progressWhen the NAACP last convened in Boston in 1982, the ill effects of Reaganomics on Black America, voter registration, and bolstering the organization’s membership dominated the discussion. But 41 years later, the nonpartisan organization is expected to aim its voting power at the… Continue reading Daily News Recap 8/1/23

Weekly News Recap – 6/3/23

NPR: What the Supreme Court’s rejection of student loan relief means for borrowers“I see it as an unfortunate reality that in a country where we bail out Fortune 100 companies, where we bail out banks that have not been good actors, that this Supreme Court would allow that to happen, and yet,” says Derrick Johnson, the… Continue reading Weekly News Recap – 6/3/23